Bbmp Property Tax: A New 1 property insurance


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West field acquiring global D&F property insurance

Bbmp Property Tax: A New 1 property insurance.

Bbmp Property Tax
Bbmp Property Tax


Ohio Farmers Insurance Co.’s West field Speciality Ltd. announced on Thursday that it is expanding into the international property direct and facultative insurance market.

Richard Wood, executive vice president and head of property, international insurance, will lead the company’s international property division, according to a statement from West field Centre, Ohio-based West field Speciality, a division of the Ohio Farmers Insurance Co. Wood is scheduled to join the company in July 2024.

Pcmc Property Tax:

Bbmp Property Tax
Bbmp Property Tax


He has held the position of group head for D&F property at Lancashire Australia Sydney and Lancashire Insurance (UK) Group.

In December, Chris Prior will become an underwriter for the D&F property class at West field.


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