Cancer Horoscope Today: Stage 4 Colon Now


Cancer Horoscope Today Tropic Of Cancer Blood Cancer Symptoms

“We don’t deserve it,” claims a man with Stage 4 cancer in British Columbia who was turned down for insurance.

Cancer Horoscope Today: Stage 4 Colon Now

Cancer Horoscope TodayTropic Of Cancer Blood Cancer Symptoms
Cancer Horoscope Today Tropic Of Cancer Blood Cancer Symptoms


A man from British Columbia claims that his insurance company has decided to terminate his and his wife’s coverage because they neglected to disclose to them that they had visited the ER almost three years prior to receiving a Stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis.

According to Toby Cleary, who has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre for the past few years, “We kind of got dropped off the side of a cliff.”

Cleary and his spouse, Danielle Raymond, submitted an insurance application to Manulife on September 17, 2019. According to Raymond, the plan covered life insurance, disability, and critical illness.

Cleary was given a colon cancer diagnosis on January 5, 2022. The couple determined that now was the right moment to take advantage of the critical illness benefit of the package, which pays out a lump sum if either of them is diagnosed with a disease that is covered by the policy, like cancer.

Raymond stated, “We were informed you needed to provide us with access to ten years of your medical records when we filed that claim.”

After six months, they received a response from Manulife informing them that their entire insurance policy would be cancelled because Clearly had neglected to notify Manulife of an ER visit they had made to Meadow Ridge Hospital on October 11, 2019, just a few weeks after they had initially applied for the plan.


Cancer Horoscope TodayTropic Of Cancer Blood Cancer Symptoms
Cancer Horoscope Today Tropic Of Cancer Blood Cancer Symptoms


The letter states that Manulife mentioned rectal bleeding during the visit, but no diagnosis was made as well as a colonoscopy referral.

According to the letter, Cleary executed a declaration on March 2, 2020, in accordance with the terms of the insurance agreement, attesting to the fact that, since the September 17, 2019 application date, he had not experienced “any illness, disorder, injury,

Operation, or treatment”; nor had he “consulted, been examined or treated by any healthcare professional or been advised to or have a medical appointment or consultation with a healthcare professional that has not yet taken place”; nor had he “completed any medical tests or been advised to have any medical tests that have not yet completed.”

“It is therefore clear that we did not receive the medical information necessary to properly underwrite your policy,” the letter stated in its conclusion.

An additional correspondence from Manulife further stated that, “We didn’t issue this policy unless we knew where the bleed was and what caused it.”

When Cleary visited the ER in October 2019 with rectal bleeding, the staff there informed her that a hemorrhoid was most likely to blame.

“Because it was such a small matter, I never gave it much thought, and it was so long before I received the cancer diagnosis,” he stated.

The couple further stated that they were never informed about the ER physician’s recommendation for a colonoscopy when examining Cleary. The surgeon who received the referral request from the ER, Dr.

Linda Bohacek, never scheduled a colonoscopy consultation or appointment, according to a doctor’s note obtained by CTV News from her office. “Upon The letter states, “On our end, it was not entered as a referral and got overlooked on our part.”

Tropic Of Cancer

Cancer Horoscope TodayTropic Of Cancer Blood Cancer Symptoms
Cancer Horoscope Today Tropic Of Cancer Blood Cancer Symptoms


Dr. Pradeep Dhillon, Cleary’s family physician, writes in a separate letter that on October 1, 2021, the 53-year-old began exhibiting symptoms associated with colorectal cancer.

“The patient did not come to my office with any symptoms such as rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, weight loss, or changes in bowel habits prior to that.” the letter states.

Dr. Dhillon continues, “that rectal bleeding most likely was not related to his colon cancer diagnosis as it’s quite unusual for a person to have one episode of bleeding in a period of nearly two years,” even though she was aware of the 2019 ER visit.

Raymond went on to say that she hopes other families who might find themselves in a similar circumstance will be reminded of their story. She declared, “Toby in particular doesn’t deserve it, and neither do we.”


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