Cheapest Luxury Car: 6.49 Million.


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Seven Typical Errors That Increase Your Auto Insurance Premium

Cheapest Luxury Car: 6.49 Million.

Cheapest Luxury CarTop Luxury Car Brands Luxury Car Brands
Cheapest Luxury Car Top Luxury Car Brands Luxury Car Brands


As per the J.D. Power Insurance Intelligence Report, during the initial half of 2023, the count of households possessing a car but lacking auto insurance escalated to 6.49 million.

That’s equivalent to every home in Detroit and Nashville canceling their auto insurance, as Auto Blog notes.

1. Idling the car

Even the best insurance companies are businesses, and they want to turn a profit. You’re more likely to pay an inflated rate if an insurer believes you to be a riskier driver.

Partly because compared to a driver with a spotless record, your insurer believes you’re more likely to file a claim.

Conclusion: Driving cautiously results in cheaper insurance rates and avoids costly traffic tickets.

2. Operating a luxury car

The kind of car you drive may have an impact on how much your insurance policy costs if your driving record is spotless. Generally speaking, the cost of the policy will increase with the cost of auto repairs.

Put another way, the cost of insurance for a late-model, high-performance, high-value car is higher than that of a mid-range, low-frills model.

Conclusion: Although driving a car that quickens your heartbeat is incredibly stylish, it also usually results in increased insurance costs.

Think about driving a secure vehicle that’s affordable if you’re serious about lowering your rates. cheaper to insure.

3. Being youthful

Cheapest Luxury CarTop Luxury Car Brands Luxury Car Brands
Cheapest Luxury Car Top Luxury Car Brands Luxury Car Brands

It is possible that you have never committed an error that would have resulted in a higher rate. You’re just not that old.

Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 have the highest risk of being involved in a car accident of any age group, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

In actuality, compared to drivers in other age groups, drivers in this group are involved in almost three times as many fatal crashes. Insurance companies charge teen drivers more for coverage in order to guard against possible loss.

Conclusion: Although there is nothing you can do about your age, you can drive safely enough to keep your record spotless until you’re a little older and able to get a reduced rate.

4. Regaining single 

Once more, it’s not an error, but if you’re single, your premium is likely to be higher than that of a married individual with an identical driving record.

It all comes down to numbers. When compared to married drivers, single drivers’ premiums are nearly always higher. Car and Driver outlines the following elements that insurance companies deem to be accurate:

  • Home ownership and insurance policy bundling are more common among married couples.
  • Married couples are likely to enjoy greater financial security because they have the potential of two incomes.
  • Additionally, married couples are more likely to be eligible for multi-driver discounts and to own multiple vehicles.
  • Insurance companies believe that married couples share driving responsibilities and ultimately drive less than single drivers.

Conclusion: Now is the perfect time to investigate bundling insurance policies if you haven’t already. Consider combining your auto insurance with a renters or life insurance policy if you don’t own a house.

Additionally, if you don’t drive your car a lot, ask your agent about a low-mileage discount or think about moving to a pay-per-mile policy.

5. Being in the lower credit range

Drivers with poor credit pay more for auto insurance than those with excellent credit—sometimes twice as much—in all but four states.

Insurance companies use studies demonstrating that drivers with lower credit scores file more claims to support their decision.

Lesson learned: Although it takes time, anyone can improve their credit. score. Take action to increase yours.

6. Dwelling near a dangerous place

Cheapest Luxury CarTop Luxury Car Brands Luxury Car Brands
Cheapest Luxury Car Top Luxury Car Brands Luxury Car Brands

It matters where you park your car at night. Imagine that you reside in a place where extreme weather events are common. Because storm damage increases your chances of filing a claim, insurers raise your rates.

You’ll also experience higher rates if you reside in a community where auto theft and vandalism are commonplace.

Conclusion: If you don’t have any plans to move, ask your insurance agent how to reduce the risk to your vehicle. Tell your agent, for instance, if your car is always kept out of the weather by being kept in a garage.


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