Cybercrime Report :1 Expected Dangerous Cyber-Insurance



Cybercrime Report :1 Expected Dangerous Cyber-Insurance

Cybercrime is expected to be dangerous this year, according to the $10 billion cyber-insurance sector. The three main issues it faces are war, ransomware, and AI.

Cybercrime ReportTypes Of Cybercrime Cybercrime Complaint
Cybercrime Report Types Of Cybercrime Cybercrime Complaint


There is a $10 billion market for cyber-insurance that protects against the threat of ransomware attacks, but it is uncommon to find an insurance policy against the outbreak of war.

The distinctions between the two are becoming more hazy, though, in the violent and turbulent world of today.

Insurers are so vigilant about the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine that many are simply ceasing to provide coverage. In addition, artificial intelligence is posing novel and unpredictable cybersecurity risks. In addition, insurers predict a “significant” rise in hacks in 2024.

These three conclusions summed up a recent report on the state of cyber-insurance trends from advisory firm Woodruff Sawyer.

The market for cybercrime insurance has expanded from a tiny niche to $10 billion, with companies ranging from small specialty carriers to well-known brands like Travelers and Chubb offering coverage.

Types Of Cybercrime

Cybercrime ReportTypes Of Cybercrime Cybercrime Complaint
Cybercrime Report Types Of Cybercrime Cybercrime Complaint


A survey conducted by Woodruff Sawyer among more than forty of its clients revealed a pessimistic view of the industry this year, with 56% of respondents predicting that cyber risk would “increase greatly” by 2024.

Dan Burke, national cyber practice leader at Woodruff Sawyer, told Fortune that “private companies across the globe that have nothing to do with war can be affected by an attack that is part of a war campaign.” ”

One well-known instance of this kind of ransomware attack was the Not Peaty virus, which was distributed in the year 2017. It started in Ukraine,

Spread swiftly throughout the world, and infiltrated the computer networks of numerous businesses, including the pharmaceutical behemoth Merck and the shipping line Maersk. The White House calculated the damages to be $10 billion.

“An accounting software in Ukraine was the target of the Not Peaty attack, which originated in Russia. And it turns out that multinational companies all over the world were using that particular piece of software,” stated Burke. “Considering all of these multinational

Insurance companies are concerned that this kind of tactical ransomware could spread globally and impact businesses due to the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine. Clients are now unaware of how to manage their cybersecurity strategy as a result.

“It’s really unclear what they’re attempting to cover and what they’re trying to omit. It produces it. extremely difficult for a buyer to truly comprehend how much risk and exposure they have in relation to cyberwarfare,” Burke said.

Cybercrime Complaint

Cybercrime ReportTypes Of Cybercrime Cybercrime Complaint
Cybercrime Report Types Of Cybercrime Cybercrime Complaint


Excluding risks related to war is a big change in the cyber-insurance market, but it happens frequently with traditional policies. One of the reasons it has taken the cyber industry longer to catch up is that it is more difficult to define what qualifies as a claim related to war.

Indeed, as Burke stated to Fortune, “every insurance policy that has probably ever existed” has a war exclusion, which was “traditionally defined as kinetic warfare.”

A tank is now approaching a location. It is more suitable for situations involving property damage and catastrophic events.

The cybersecurity environment is also becoming more complex due to federal regulations: revised SEC regulations that went into effect on December 18 and requires businesses to report a hack within four days. putting them under negative publicity and increased investor scrutiny


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