Flood Light: Growing In Middle News 2 Now


Flood Light Rgrhcl Flood Assam Flood Bangalore Flood

The need for flood insurance is growing in Middle Tennessee

Flood Light: Growing In Middle News 2 Now

Flood Light Rgrhcl Flood
Flood Light Rgrhcl Flood


WKRN — NASHVILLE, Tenn. As weather patterns shift, Middle Tennessee is seeing an increase in flash flooding.

Calabria Brick Oven Pizza owner Valon Arifi is well aware of this, having had his establishment harmed by water during a Mount Juliet flood.

Arifi’s company was submerged under roughly 16 inches of water over night in 2021. Although workers had to act quickly, there was still significant damage.

Waverly family’s century-old home is restored following a devastating flood

Rgrhcl Flood

Flood LightRgrhcl Flood Assam Flood Bangalore Flood
Flood Light Rgrhcl Flood Assam Flood Bangalore Flood


Arifi gave his insurance representative a call to see what assistance was available. Regretfully, he lacked flood insurance. In recent years, many have come to rely on this.

According to Mike Gentry, an insurance agent with Miller Loughry Beach Insurance in Murfreesboro, both the size of dangerous flood zones and premium costs have increased.

Because the cost of flood insurance for businesses is higher due to the size of the building, it can be even more difficult to obtain than in residential areas.

Check out the Resources Guide for Severe Weather on News 2

Since reopening, Calabria Brick Oven Pizza has prospered, but Arifi discovered some important lessons about insurance and flooding. He claimed that in order to be ready in case disaster strikes again, he has hired a local agent to help guide him.


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