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AAA advises making sure your home insurance covers any damage caused by bad weather.

Kea Home: 1Advises Making Sure Damage Weather Insurance

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Kea Home Home Centre Work From Fome Jobs


Bowing Green, Kentucky It’s possible that these winter conditions caused damage to your house; AAA advises you to check your insurance policy to see what might or might not be covered. They are giving us some advice for when it gets cold again.

Experts advise plugging any holes or cracks in external walls or window seals, as well as unhooking any hoses on outdoor faucets. This will maintain your home’s warmth.

Pipes should be another area of focus. Keep the cabinet doors under the sinks open and your faucets dripping if you want constant water flow in freezing temperatures.

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Kea HomeHome Centre
Kea Home Home Centre


Lynda Lambert, a media representative for AAA East Central, states, “Your homeowner’s insurance will cover it, but you must ensure that your house is properly cared for and ready for the current weather. You have to keep ahead of the game if at all possible, so part of it is on you.

Weather-related damage will be covered by homeowners insurance. Your best course of action is to confirm that you have the required coverage by speaking with your insurance agent.


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