Public Agent:Japan’s New Alzheimer’s Medication By 27%


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Japan’s new Alzheimer’s medication is subsidised by public health insurance

Public Agent:Japan’s New Alzheimer’s Medication By 27%

Public ServantPublic Agent
Public Servant Public Agent

The US-based biotechnology company Biogen and the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai developed a novel Alzheimer’s drug, which the health ministry of Japan announced will cost approximately ¥2.98 million ($20,500) for a single course of treatment per year.

According to the health ministry, public health insurance will significantly reduce the cost.

The medication, known as cattleman and marketed as Leqembi, is scheduled to go on sale in Japan on December 20th, according to a report from The Japan Times.

According to the report and a Biogen press release, cattleman became the first medicine approved in Japan in September, delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. It functions by locating and eliminating a

protein thought to be the main contributor to the degenerative condition.

How much does it cost in the US?

Public ServantPublic Agent
Public Servant Public Agent


According to the Japan Times article, the maximum annual payment for the medication for a patient 70 years of age or older who makes between ¥1.56 million ($10,925) and ¥3.7 million ($25,911) would be ¥144,000 ($1008).

According to the report, each patient in the United States pays $26,500 annually for the same medication.

Several negative consequences have been noted:

Public ServantPublic Agent
Public Servant Public Agent


According to the report, up to 32,000 patients in Japan may be eligible for the treatment each year, potentially creating a market worth ¥98.6 billion.

Eisai’s clinical trials showed that Leqembi slowed the onset of symptoms like memory loss and poor judgement by 27% when compared to a substitute for a placebo.

The business did note that a few patients had side effects, such as bleeding and edoema in the brain, during the course of the treatment.

Japan is making a new attempt to halt the country’s declining birth rate.

The Japanese government has also recently unveiled a plan to introduce a new system intended to counteract the country’s declining birth rate elsewhere in the nation.


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