Regarding Synonym :Consider Before $5,000 Now


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Regarding Synonym :Consider Before $5,000 Now


Regarding SynonymRegarding Regarding Definition Define Regarding
Regarding Synonym Regarding Regarding Definition Define Regarding


Things to consider before a storm regarding insurance


WFSB) – For insurance companies, this could be a busy week due to the possibility of flooding.

But flooding is almost always not covered by home insurance. When groundwater enters your home, you need separate flood insurance to cover the damage.

The best course of action, according to insurance agents, is to try to avoid filing a claim in the first place.

Ken Petersen was hovelling snow away from drains and locations where sump pumps empty because of this. He was doing this house to house. There is a history of flooding in his West Hartford neighborhood.

Petersen remarked, “I knew we might have a problem with all the rain if that wasn’t clear.” I recently completed a few drains a short distance up the street to ensure the

Water would start to flow.

Regarding SynonymRegarding Regarding Definition Define Regarding
Regarding Synonym Regarding Regarding Definition Define Regarding


Petersen has discovered the hard way how important preparation is. The last time they had a lot of rain, his neighbor’s basement flooded. The basement of Petersen has previously flooded.

According to Petersen, “it’s easier to prepare than to fix the wet problem afterwards.”

The director of insurance sales at William Raveis Insurance Agency is Heidi Summa.

It’s difficult to prepare much the day before, but you should make sure your gutters and downspouts are free of debris, according to Summa.

According to Summa, you should take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage before a storm, such as testing your sump pump and making sure you have a battery backup in case you lose power.

According to Summa, you don’t have to make an insurance claim if you do have damage.

According to her, she herself wouldn’t submit a claim for less than $5,000. The smallest claim, according to her, that should be filed is $3,000. The reason is that making that claim could have a greater long-term financial impact on you.



“Unfortunately, with the state of the market, your rates will increase if you do need to file a claim. You might not be renewed.

People find that upsetting, but the insurance market is unfortunately difficult at the moment, so you should take every precaution to avoid finding yourself in that situation, according to Summa. Typically, rates will rise for up to

Is it really worthwhile to file that claim if your rate will increase by a few hundred dollars annually for five years, on average?

Petersen neglected to submit a claim for his cellar.


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