Remodeled : Challenging This 1small Item Now


Remodeled Remodeled Ai Remodeled RVS Remodeled Apartments

Purchasing a Remodeled Home? Obtaining homeowner’s insurance may be challenging due to this one small item.

Remodeled : Challenging This 1small Item Now

RemodeledRemodeled Ai Remodeled RVS Remodeled Apartments
Remodeled Remodeled Ai Remodeled RVS Remodeled Apartments


We recently purchased a 101-year-old house together, and we adore it! The large windows, hardwood floors, quirky little architectural details, unique doorknobs and fixtures, and overall character are all things we adore.

We adore everything about this house that transports us to a different time period, connects us to the distinct history of our community, and honors the legacy of all the families who came before us.

However, there’s one aspect of purchasing an older home that we detest: the knob and tube wiring.

Like so many other things related to owning a home, “knob and tube wiring” was something I had never heard of before became a strange, costly issue in my life.

Let’s examine some of the causes of knob and tube wiring issues with homeowners insurance as well as some solutions.

What is wiring with knobs and tubes?

RemodeledRemodeled Ai Remodeled RVS Remodeled Apartments
Remodeled Remodeled Ai Remodeled RVS Remodeled Apartments


Between 1880 and 1940, electrical wiring technology advanced significantly. However, a type of wiring known as “knob and tube wiring,” which uses porcelain knobs and tubes, was used to electrify many homes back then.

This type of wiring is now regarded as outdated, and it may present a safety risk based on installation techniques, modifications made over time, and the state of the insulation.

It is no longer possible to install knob and tube wiring; instead, contemporary electrical wiring, known as “romex”)

is superior and safer. However, if you purchase an older home, you may end up with a knob-and-tube wiring issue that prevents you from being eligible for homeowners insurance.

Insurance for homeowners: Issues with the wiring using knobs and tubes

Certain homeowners insurance providers won’t cover properties with knob-and-tube wiring. For a higher premium, other insurance providers will cover homes with knob and tube wiring.

Do you want to change the tube wiring and knob? The price could run into the thousands. states that replacing knob and tube wiring typically costs between $3,500 and $9,000.

However, this does not imply that wiring with knobs and tubes must be unavoidable. Ultimately, a lot of older, pre-World War II homes

II era wiring is still like this. Not all knob and tube wiring is dangerous, and it’s not always necessary to replace it. The difficulties of knob and tube can be avoided with careful preparation and professional guidance.

How can someone with knob and tube wiring obtain homeowners insurance

RemodeledRemodeled Ai Remodeled RVS Remodeled Apartments
Remodeled Remodeled Ai Remodeled RVS Remodeled Apartments


Our real estate agent was aware of our preference for older homes and that many of the houses in our desired neighborhood were built during the knob-and-tube era, which we were looking to buy.

We were able to obtain a policy after he suggested a few homeowners insurance providers in our state that covered knob and tube wiring.

Our insurance provider required one more item before we could purchase the home: the knob and tube wiring needed to be inspected by a qualified electrician.

We made contact with a nearby electrical contractor and paid a few hundred dollars to have one of their licensed electricians examine the wiring in our old house’s innards for a few hours.

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