Room Heater: Ford is Being Sued by Manitoba Public Insurance Requesting $15,932 NOW


Room Heater Water Heater

Ford is being sued by Manitoba Public Insurance after a block heater fire damages their vehicle.

Room Heater: Ford is Being Sued by Manitoba Public Insurance Requesting $15,932 NOW

After a block heater fire in Winnipeg damaged a car, the public insurer for Alberta filed a lawsuit against a big automaker.

Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd. is being sued by Manitoba Public Insurance, who alleges that either the block heater or its installation was flawed.In November 2021, a Ford Escape that was parked in a lot at a company on Raleigh Street caught fire.

Room Heater
Room Heater

Room Heater:

Block heater in the car was plugged into “an appropriate power source, when it caught fire and was damaged beyond reasonable repair,” according to a statement of claim submitted to Manitoba Court of King’s Bench on November 24. The car was parked.

In its lawsuit, MPI, the vehicle’s insurer, is requesting $15,932 in damages for the 2014 Escape’s loss, in addition to interest and other expenses

Room Heater
Room Heater

Water Heater:

Continue reading In its lawsuit, the Crown Corporation claims that “defects in the design, manufacture, and assembly of the Escape by Ford,” or design flaws, are what caused the fire.


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