Seattle Time: The Winter Classic Came 50 Feet Now


Seattle Time Time In Seattle Seattle Time Now

The Winter Classic came with an insurance policy when it was brought to Seattle. A roof that retracts

Seattle Time: The Winter Classic Came 50 Feet Now

Seattle TimeTime In Seattle Seattle Time Now
Seattle Time Time In Seattle Seattle Time Now


EATTLE, AP — It has a height of approximately 215 feet, a mass of over 11,000 tons, a surface area of almost nine acres, and 96 10-horsepower engines that propel it at a dizzying 50 feet per minute.

This is the main reason the NHL felt at ease moving its major event to a location that is known to be fairly wet during the winter.

The NHL hopes the focus of the Winter Classic match between the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken, one of which is the current Stanley Cup champion, will be on the match between the two newest teams in the league. champions.

However, bringing the game to the Pacific Northwest meant depending on T-Mobile Park’s retractable roof, a mechanical structure the league hopes won’t be needed on game day but has proven invaluable in protecting the rink in the run-up to the event.

That is also a part of the narrative.

Seattle TimeTime In Seattle Seattle Time Now
Seattle Time Time In Seattle Seattle Time Now


“It’s a compelling narrative and a significant aspect of Seattle’s history,” stated Steve Mayer, chief content officer of the NHL. It has been raining a little here.

The match The NHL will play its 39th outdoor game on Monday. Even with the potential protection offered by the stadium’s retractable roof, they still intend for it to be a fully outdoor game.

By bringing the Winter Classic to Seattle, the NHL hoped to show its appreciation for how quickly the city and surrounding area embraced the Kraken.

Even though Husky Stadium offered a more picturesque setting on the shore of Lake Washington and Lumen Field has a larger capacity and better sightlines, playing the game at T-Mobile Park was the preferred option from the beginning due to the existence of the roof.

Although retracting the roof is the plan for Monday, the decision-making process involves several steps. In the days preceding the game and on game morning, the league confers with a local meteorologist.

As the game gets closer, there will be frequent communication with league and NHLPA executives, including roughly two hours prior to puck drop, when choices are made in full.

Should the weather turn bad and rain start to become a problem, the NHL may decide to use a portion of the retractable roof to cover the ice, leaving the remainder of the stadium open for a modified outdoor experience.

Since the T-Mobile Park roof was built in phases, only a portion of the stadium can be covered. Nothing can be taken away from it.

Time In Seattle

Seattle TimeTime In Seattle Seattle Time Now
Seattle Time Time In Seattle Seattle Time Now


The only other occasion the league held a stadium event in a structure with a retractable roof was during the Canucks vs. Ottawa Senators Heritage Classic game in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2014. Yet a combination of snow and rain caused the roof of BC Place’s non-opening.

Although it was a stadium match, it wasn’t outside and didn’t have the atmosphere the league was looking for. The NHL wants Monday’s event to take place without the umbrella overhanging the top, even though the roof has been essential to the build-up.

After seeing the setup for the first time on Thursday, Kraken forward Jared McCann said, “The NHL does an amazing job and each year it gets better and better.”

“Obviously, we can host something much more special here with T-Mobile, the roof, and everything, and we’re going to try and make the most of it.”


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