Star Health Share Price:Canada Life expresses 1.7 Million Employees Now


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Canada Life expresses regret to federal employees for any issues with their health insurance claims.
Star Health Share Price:Canada Life expresses 1.7 Million Employees Now

Federal civil servants are receiving an apology from the federal government’s health insurance provider for subpar service.

Both current and former public service employees have reported a number of issues since Canada Life(opens in a new tab) took over in July.

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Star Health Share Price Health Id Health Card
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These issues include prescriptions being refused and lengthy wait times for customer service.

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According to Chris Wayward, national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), “we receive complaints about Canada Life on a daily basis.”

Canada Life provides coverage to about 1.7 million federal employees, retirees, and their dependent. Many claim

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They’ve had to wait a long time or had their insurance claims rejected.

Canada Life testified before a House of Commons committee on Thursday. The insurance company expressed regret for the issues and stated that in an effort to shorten wait times, it has hired more people at its call and claims processing centres.

“Our action plan is working,” Ryan Weiss, senior vice president of Canada Life, declared.

“Call wait times as noted are now an average of approximately one to three minutes, claims are being processed within approximately two days and our top priority now is maintaining service levels.”

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Retired from Ottawa and covered by Canada Life, Della Wilkinson was experiencing trouble obtaining the reservoirs needed for her insulin pump.

The issues were fixed following a conversation with

October’s CTV News.

“The call was terminated after three hours of use. I think they’ve really improved because when I’ve called more recently, the phone has been answered in under 30 minutes,” the woman said.

Canada Life says they are still making progress in a statement to CTV News.

A Canada Life representative told CTV News Ottawa, “We understand how important these benefits are to individuals and have established an urgent cases escalation process as part of our customer service action plan so that every customer under this plan has access to their benefits.”

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PSAC claims to continue receiving complaints about the service from its members.

“A single mother who pays $800 a month for supplies that can save lives with diabetes and must battle Canada Life each month in order to be compensated—that’s not acceptable,” Wayward remarked.


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