Summer Vacation 2023: Expenses Prevent Now


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How having travel insurance could prevent thousands of dollars in unforeseen medical expenses while on vacation

Summer Vacation 2023: Expenses Prevent Now

Summer Vacation 2023Winter Vacation Summer Vacation
Summer Vacation 2023 Winter Vacation Summer Vacation


SANFORD, Florida — When you’re planning a relaxing getaway, the last thing you want to think about is a medical emergency, but a Sanford couple is pushing for people to purchase travel insurance.

Last week, while on a cruise in Mexico, Bill Nelson suffered a heart attack. They covered his thousands of dollars in medical bills up front.
Bill Nelson needed surgery, but the doctors told him and his wife that they would need to pay about $35,000 before they could have the procedure.

The Mexican hospital would have charged an additional $38,000 for the second procedure he needed. The doctors reportedly refused to provide Bill with a “fit-to-fly certificate” so that he could receive treatment in the  U.S.

Nelson remarked, “It feels a lot like a hostage situation.”

Summer Vacation 2023Winter Vacation Summer Vacation
Summer Vacation 2023 Winter Vacation Summer Vacation


See “Hostage Situation”: Sanford man required to pay thousands of dollars prior to receiving life-saving cardiac surgery in Mexico

The Nelsons chose not to purchase travel insurance, but they do have U.S. health insurance. In retrospect, Shelly says she wishes she had spent a little bit more money in order to maybe avert this nightmare.

“I was considering it more in terms of, say, having to postpone your trip and not being able to go. That was my thought process. Nelson remarked, “I never even considered the possibility that Bill would have suffered a heart attack.

Travel insurance, according to Carly Kessler of International Medical Group (IMG Global), can cover a variety of problems you may encounter while on vacation.

“It could be something as minor as a medical emergency, or it could be your luggage getting lost or your flight being canceled,” Kessler stated.

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Summer Vacation 2023Winter Vacation Summer Vacation
Summer Vacation 2023 Winter Vacation Summer Vacation


Policies can cover emergency evacuations as well as medical care received abroad.

After examining policies from a number of significant travel insurance providers, we discovered that most travelers’ coverage costs fall between $60 and $200.

When you consider the expenses you might incur if you have an emergency medical situation, it’s comparatively inexpensive.

According to Gina Simms of Insurance and Benefits Advisors in Casselberry, a fifty-year-old couple taking a cruise or flying to Mexico for eight days would pay roughly $106 total for medical travel coverage. It would include emergency evacuation coverage with no deductible, up to $2 million in value.

Travel plans typically cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, an additional $106 is not much for the trip budget and is definitely worth the peace of mind, according to Simms.


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