Travel Bag: Insurance Alert Following A £100k Bill Now


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Travel insurance alert following a £100k bill for a family

Travel Bag: Insurance Alert Following A £100k Bill Now

Travel BagTravel Agency Near Me Travel Bags
Travel Bag Travel Agency Near Me Travel Bags


A family is advising travelers to verify their insurance after their daughter fell ill while on vacation and they were left with an invalid policy and a £100,000 medical bill due to a form filling error.

In February, 18-year-old Katya Katalinic of Midhurst, West Sussex, suffered a brain hemorrhage in South Africa.

After visiting Kenya with her family for Christmas, she decided to remain in Africa.

According to Axa, their insurer, the policy was void because the family gave false information.

Miss Katalinic recalled waking up in a hospital surrounded by strangers.

“I lost the ability to speak and read and it was pretty much like being a newborn baby,” she recalled. “I was without idea about anything.”

Marsha Katalinic, her mother, had made sure the family had adequate insurance for their 2022 trip to Kenya.

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Travel BagTravel Agency Near Me Travel Bags
Travel Bag Travel Agency Near Me Travel Bags


Miss Katalinic made the decision to stay on for a yachting stewarding course in South Africa after her parents moved back to the UK in the new year.

When Miss Katalinic became ill, her father Roberto Katalinic rushed to Cape Town and obtained another insurance policy for her, which they attempted to use.

According to Mr. Katalinic, he provided the hospital manager with the specifics of the policy.

Mr. Katalinic stated, “He said, ‘You’re not going to like this email,’ looking at the screen.”

“Axa had got back to him, saying they were not liable and the parents will have to cover the cost.”

Because Miss Katalinic’s journey to South Africa had originated in Kenya rather than the UK, Axa declared the policy to be void.

“The journey must start in the UK,” Mr. Katalinic stated, “and I assumed, well, it started in the UK, it didn’t start anywhere else. “The journey started here, in Midhurst in the UK.”


Miss Katalinic is now giving others a heads-up: “You see stories about other people and you think how awful it is to happen to them, but you never really realise things will happen to you, so just make sure everything’s in order, that you are covered and everything will be OK.”

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Travel BagTravel Agency Near Me Travel Bags
Travel Bag Travel Agency Near Me Travel Bags


Axa released the following statement: “The declaration that is provided at the time of purchase requests that the buyer .Attests to the accuracy of all information provided, including the statements that “your trip has not yet started” and “that anyone named on the policy is traveling from and returning to the United Kingdom.”

This time, the answers given did not correspond with Miss Katalinic’s circumstances, and this was discovered only after she made her claim. We cancelled the policy after realizing it was void, and Miss Katalinic received a complete refund of the premium.”


Which one? “I think they are getting the information, but it can be very hidden and require maybe an excessive amount of looking on the part of the consumer,” deputy editor Sam Richardson stated.

“It’s quite alarming that 25% of claims go unpaid, as it implies that these products could be somewhat improved.


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