Winze Bonus Code: $150 Bonus Offer


Winze Bonus Code Parimatch Bonus Code 1Win Bonus Code

Bonus Code for bet365 TOPACTION: For SNF or Any Game, Don’t Miss This $1K Insurance Bet/$150 Bonus Offer.

Winze Bonus Code: $150 Bonus Offer

Winze Bonus CodeParimatch Bonus Code 1Win Bonus Code
Winze Bonus Code Parimatch Bonus Code 1Win Bonus Code


Sunday’s sports schedule is jam-packed with events, starting with the New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos game this evening. There are two options available at bet365 Sportsbook, both utilizing the bet365 bonus code TOPACTION.

The code is the same; you’ll make your choice on a landing page after registering.

A $1K first bet safety net or a $150 bonus bet with a $5 first bet is available to new players in CO, IA, KY, LA, NJ, OH, and VA. If the $1K insurance bet loses, players will receive bonus bets in exchange for their initial wager. This bet will not be accepted if it is larger than $1,000.

The substitute proposal is a bonus wager of $150 assured. For any prop with odds of at least -500 (i.e., -400 is acceptable but -600 is not), players receive the bonus bet on their first $5 wager. The first bet safety net promo is also subject to the odds requirement.

The main drawback of bet365 Sportsbook is that it’s only accessible in seven states; however, with the introduction of online sports betting in North Carolina, this may soon change. See the bet365 North Carolina bonus code for additional details regarding a possible launch in 2024.

Bet365 Bonus Code: SNF wagering

Winze Bonus CodeParimatch Bonus Code 1Win Bonus Code
Winze Bonus Code Parimatch Bonus Code 1Win Bonus Code

On Sunday Night Football, two teams that won’t make the playoffs will play. After making a run for the playoffs in the middle of the season, Denver was put in a difficult situation. Since they haven’t played in a while, New England should concentrate on securing a top-three draft pick.

We do know that both teams play excellent defense and terrible offense. The Broncos’ late-season comeback was supported by a formidable defense. The Lions are clearly superior to the Patriots, even though they looked weak last week.

This season, New England has also participated in a lot of low-scoring games.

The lowest total of Week 16 is 34.5 points at bet365. If there’s a prop that would work well for our bonus bet, I’d be prepared to drop.

Bonus wager at bet365: Total Points 0–20 (+800)

With 13.3 PPG going into the game, New England is the NFL’s bottom team. Although Denver isn’t as awful, they’re still mid-pack and go up against the Patriots’ underappreciated defense. In a three-game stretch in November, the Patriots’ game total fell short of 20 points.

Parimatch Bonus Code

Winze Bonus CodeParimatch Bonus Code 1Win Bonus Code
Winze Bonus Code Parimatch Bonus Code 1Win Bonus Code


Though it’s unlikely, that’s the goal we should pursue with a bonus wager. To get the most out of our bonus bet, the +EV betting guide advises us to place a longshot wager.

Who wants to bank on the Broncos and Patriots scoring points?

Why not take a chance on a final score of 13-7 in an ugly game?

Users of bet365 are able to alter the amount of their bonus bet on this prop. We’ll use a $25 bonus bet on the total points between 0 and 20 as an example. We receive a $200 profit on a winning wager, but the $25 bonus stake is forfeited.


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