According To Jim: Insured Damage Exceeding $3 Billion


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According to the insurance bureau, insured damage from extreme weather topped $3.1 billion in 2023.

According To Jim: Insured Damage Exceeding $3 Billion

According To JimAccording To Synonym According To Jim Cast
According To Jim According To Synonym According To Jim Cast


In 2023, severe weather and natural disasters resulted in insured damages exceeding $3 billion for the second consecutive year.

With a total cost of $720 million, wildfires in British Columbia’s Okanagan and Shuswap regions top the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s annual total.

Other noteworthy occurrences included severe summer storms that cost $340 million in Ontario and a $330 million spring ice storm that struck in April, killing two people in Ontario and Quebec and causing power outages.

Over $250 million worth of damage was caused by the combined impact of summer hailstorms in Winnipeg and Calgary.

A wildfire that tore through a Halifax suburb in May and June and caused flooding in .On the list were both in late July.

This puts 2023 at number four on the bureau’s list of the most costly weather years; the devastating wildfire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, in 2016 still tops the list.

The Canadian Press originally released this article on January 8, 2024.

Press Canadienne


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