College Romance:A New England College Semester 2024


College Romance Asutosh College Fergus son College
New England College and the New Hampshire Insurance Regulator Provide Courses With Internships

College Romance:New England College Semester 2024

College RomanceAsutosh College
College Romance Asutosh College


The New England College and the New Hampshire Insurance Department have announced that they will collaborate on a course designed to teach students about insurance and supply staffing for the industry in the second year.

The four-credit course, which is set to start in the spring semester of 2024, gives students the opportunity to earn extra academic credit through an internship.

According to the department, students who successfully complete the course and internship may be eligible to have their insurance licencing exam waived.

Essential subjects covered in the curriculum include the reasoning behind purchasing insurance for oneself or a business, the components of a wise insurance plan, the products that are offered in the insurance market, and the NHID’s regulatory oversight.

Asutosh College:

College RomanceAsutosh College
College Romance Asutosh College


The course will cover the nature of risk, how to identify it, basic risk management strategies, and the craft of risk management via insurance.

The insurance department staff will be instructing the course.

Located in Henrik, New Hampshire, New England College is a private liberal arts college.

Insurance Commissioner DJ Bette court stated, “Our mission is to ensure a safe and competitive insurance marketplace in order to promote and protect the public good.”

“The advancement of consumer protection efforts and the health of our markets depend on luring highly educated individuals into the industry.”


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