Golden Temple :Commissioner Of Insurance 2024 Now


Golden Temple Lotus Temple Kamakshi Temple

Tim Temple takes office as Commissioner of Insurance for Louisiana.

Golden Temple :Commissioner Of Insurance 2024 Now

Golden TempleLotus Temple Kamakshi Temple
Golden Temple Lotus Temple Kamakshi Temple


On Monday at noon, Tim Temple took the oath of office as Louisiana’s insurance commissioner.

After his opponent withdrew from the primary, Temple was elected in October to serve as the state’s top insurance official. Jim Donelon, who held the position of commissioner since 2006, is replaced by Temple.

Temple, a De Ridder native, spent more than 20 years in the insurance sector. Temple was president of the Baton Rouge family-run investment management company Temptan. He was also the Chair of the Louisiana Committee of 100 for Economic Development for a period of time.


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