Dayalbagh Educational Institute: promote educational 2023


Dayalbagh Educational Institute Cultural And Educational Rights

An insurance company invests heavily in local grants to promote Educational initiatives

Dayalbagh Educational Institute: promote educational 2023

Dayalbagh Educational InstituteCultural And Educational Rights
Dayalbagh Educational Institute Cultural And Educational Rights


One local insurer is taking care of its own.

In its third year of providing LEAF (Learning and Engagement Accelerator Fund) grants to communities within its catchment area, Common well Mutual Insurance Group is pleased to serve the smaller towns and vast open spaces of Eastern, Central, and Western Ontario.

The initiative supports projects and initiatives in Ontario that facilitate localised learning.

The Common well has committed to investing $350,000.00 in 2023 into noteworthy initiatives spearheaded by the community, with funding amounts varying from $10,000 to $50,000,000.

Although 2.7 million requests were made in 70 applications, very few are selected.

Cultural And Educational Rights:

Dayalbagh Educational Institute
Dayalbagh Educational Institute


Eleven community projects will receive funding from the local insurer’s $350,000 grant yearly Accelerator Fund for Learning and Engagement (L.E.A.F.)

Congratulations to the following applicants who were accepted into the listening area: Smiths Falls, Outfitting the Falls Food Hub Kitchen; Pembroke, Tech Forward Learning; Almonte,

Ginawaydaganuc Academy Building Regenerative Futures; and Lanark, Expanding and Enhancing Stem Education in Lanark Highlands Public Library.

“We have a proud heritage of giving back as a member-based mutual insurance company,” states Tim Shauf, President and CEO of The Commonweal.


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