Driving Licence: The Unseen Tool Prevent 27%


Driving Licence Driving School Near Me Indian Bike Driving 3D

Car Insurance with Telematics: The Unseen Tool to Prevent Distracted Driving

Driving Licence: The Unseen Tool Prevent 27%

Driving LicenceDriving School Near Me
Driving Licence Driving School Near Me


One of the main causes of auto accidents is distracted driving, which includes activities like texting, looking at a phone, making a Tik Tok video, and other actions that take your hands and eyes off the wheel. Distracted driving can be lethal in its worst cases.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that 3,522 persons lost their lives in car accidents in 2021 where distraction was a contributing factor.

377 of these fatalities resulted from collisions where using a cellphone played a role. According to the 2023 Travelers Risk Index survey, 70% of respondents think that distracted driving is a bigger issue now than it was in the past. COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the preventable deaths and severe injuries brought on by drivers who can’t put down their phones, distracted driving is driving up the cost of auto insurance.

Everyone’s auto insurance premiums go up when there are more inattentive drivers on the road, smashing into other cars and causing havoc.

It’s difficult to stop distracted driving, which is all too common.

Driving Licence Driving School Near Me  Indian Bike Driving 3D
Driving Licence Driving School Near Me Indian Bike Driving 3D


People’s daily lives now revolve around their smartphones. For the majority of us, our phone is the most valuable possession we have.

(Losing my wallet and car would be preferable to losing my phone; they are easier to replace.) It seems only natural to be hooked to our phones at all times, even when We have better things to do with our time.

Given how important phones are to people’s social lives, productivity, and general sense of connectedness to the outside world, it makes sense that so many are tempted to text and post while driving. Distracted driving is far too common, according to the Travelers Risk Index 2023:

  • Eighty percent of drivers acknowledge using a phone while operating a vehicle.
    Of those who admit to using handheld electronics while driving, 57%
  • 28% admitted to occasionally updating social media while operating a motor vehicle.
  • 27% acknowledge using a camera or recording a video while operating a vehicle.

Nevertheless, despite the prevalence of distracted driving, there are ways to influence people’s actions for the better. Numerous states have enacted legislation making it unlawful for

individuals to use electronics while operating a vehicle. But laws can be easily disregarded and difficult to enforce.

People desire incentives to reduce distracted driving.

Driving LicenceDriving School Near Me
Driving Licence Driving School Near Me


In addition, the Travelers Risk Index survey asked participants what would make them more attentive while driving and discourage distracted driving. The majority of people desired monetary incentives:

  • A financial incentive for not using a phone while driving would be well received, according to 83% of respondents.
  • According to 82% of respondents, a car insurance discount would help reduce distracted driving.

The good news is that auto insurance providers are in a good position to provide these kinds of monetary benefits.

The best thing about telematics auto insurance is this! Drivers can enroll in a specific insurance program that uses mobile tracking by using telematics car insurance.

gadgets to track their driving and provide their insurance company with driving data. You may be eligible for a car insurance discount if your driving record demonstrates that you’re a safer driver (with less nighttime driving, slower acceleration and braking, and other characteristics).

Telematics insurance from State Farm Drive Safe and Save TM helps prevent distracted driving.

With State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save TM telematics insurance program, you can share your driving information with the company via a mobile app.

This insurance program monitors several driving behaviors, including the frequency of speed limit violations, the speed at which you brake, accelerate, and turn corners, as well as the frequency of phone distraction.

The State Farm Drive Safe and Save TM app keeps an eye on three things when it comes to distracted driving detection:

whether your car is moving, whether your phone is moving inside the car, and whether the screen is on. State Farm provides an additional driver safety feature in this way to help you maintain concentration while driving.

Additionally, you may be eligible for a car insurance discount of up to 30% through the State Farm Drive Safe and Save TM program, depending on your driving habits.

Driving School Near Me

Driving LicenceDriving School Near Me Indian Bike Driving 3D
Driving Licence Driving School Near Me Indian Bike Driving 3D


In summary, it makes sense that people find it difficult to put down their phones, even when they’re driving. However, distracted driving raises the risk to people’s lives and safety and contributes to rising auto insurance premiums. Nowadays, advanced safety features are offered by auto insurance companies like State Farm.

through smartphone apps and telematics-based auto insurance policies. These telematics auto insurance plans can assist you in avoiding distracted driving and even offer you financial incentives for putting down your phone and focusing on the road.

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