Epson l3110 Driver: Without Insurance Damages Now


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A driver without insurance damages a parked car for $10,000.

Epson l3110 Driver: Without Insurance Damages Now

Epson l3110 DriverBluetooth Driver For Windows 7 Driver Jamuna
Epson l3110 Driver Bluetooth Driver For Windows 7 Driver Jamuna


According to Oak Bay police, a driver who had the incorrect license plates on their truck and expired insurance damaged a parked car worth over $10,000 in an accident.

On Sunday, January 14, a bystander alerted authorities that a pickup truck that had left the scene had struck their parked, unattended car.

Oak Bay police discovered the truck parked on the side of the road with one wheel missing after going on patrol.

Police claim that the 34-year-old driver did not attempt to stop at the scene of the incident.

Police discovered that the truck lacked insurance and that the driver’s policy had expired two years earlier.

the appropriate license plate. The driver received multiple infraction tickets for having the incorrect number plate, not having insurance, and failing to stop following a collision with an unattended vehicle.

A Notice of Order to remove the car from the road pending inspection was also given to the driver. The seized plates were returned to ICBC.


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