Extra Space Storage: Choosing An Insurance 2024


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What does insurance cover for vehicle storage mean?

Extra Space Storage: Choosing An Insurance 2024

Extra Space StorageLife Storage Storage Sheds
Extra Space Storage Life Storage Storage Sheds


You can store your car while you’re away from home if you’re a snowbird who only stays in one place for half the year. Or perhaps you have a long trip planned or a mechanical problem that needs to be fixed right away with your car.

For whatever reason you may not be using your vehicle for a while, you may be wondering if it makes financial sense to cancel your auto insurance. On the other hand, before canceling your policy, you might want to consider getting storage insurance for your vehicle.

Choosing an insurance plan for vehicle storage can help you avoid coverage lapses and save a lot of money while your car is being stored.

What does insurance for vehicle storage mean?

Insurance for vehicle storage is not a particular kind of policy. In some situations, your auto insurance policy will have less coverage or a discount for non-driving automobiles. Auto storage insurance entails canceling your policy or putting your car in storage status with your insurer if you won’t be using it for a long period of time.

How to obtain insurance for vehicle storage

Extra Space StorageLife Storage Storage Sheds
Extra Space Storage Life Storage Storage Sheds


Consulting with an insurance agent is your best option. They can advise you on whether to place your car in storage status, how that will affect your insurance, and how to comply with your state’s and lender’s regulations.

  • Disconnecting the battery of the car
  • keeping the car in a secured garage
  • Keeping the car in a secured facility

The majority of insurance providers let you alter your policy whenever you’d like. This implies that, if your car qualifies, you can store it or add or remove coverage options at any time during the term, all at the insurer’s expense.

When to use coverage for vehicle storage

When you inherit a car that you don’t need, go on long trips, or don’t have any plans to drive the car for a portion of the year, car storage coverage may come in handy. When: You might want to think about investigating other insurance choices, such as car storage

  • You intend to keep the car for a few months or longer before driving it.
  • You do not currently have any plans to use the car that you inherited in the near future.
  • You will be gone for a long period because you are either traveling or a student.
  • You are being deployed as a member of the armed forces.
  • if a mechanical problem prevents you from driving your car for a considerable amount of time.
  • You only use your car for a few months of the year and it is kept at a secondary or seasonal residence.

If storage is not an option for your car, think about other ways to save money on auto insurance, such as changing your coverage or looking around for a better deal before canceling your policy.

What is the cost of auto storage insurance?

Extra Space StorageLife Storage Storage Sheds
Extra Space Storage Life Storage Storage Sheds


The price of storage insurance for cars will differ based on several

elements, such as your coverage choices, past claims experience, and other individual rating factors. The average annual cost of this coverage is $622 if you decide to keep your coverage at the state minimum level.

Because there is less risk involved with a vehicle that is not being driven, coverage for stored vehicles is usually less expensive. Your premium will also be reduced if you remove endorsements or collision insurance. You can find out how much it will cost to insure your stored vehicle by having a conversation with your agent.

How to get a car ready for storage

There are a few things you should do to get your car ready to be out of commission for at least a few months before storing it:

  • Look for a place to store your car indoors: Your car will be protected from the weather in a garage or public storage facility.
  • Get it washed: Long-term accumulation of filth or gunk on the car can harm the paint and expose it to rust.
    For additional protection, you might also want to think about getting a wax job.
  • Replace the oil in your car: Used oil that has been sitting around for a while can harm the engine.
  • Put a fuel stabilizer in your tank and fill it with gas: In order to keep the seals from drying out while being stored, top off your gas tank. For up to a year, the fuel stabilizer will help keep the gas from degrading and safeguard your car’s engine. If at all possible, start it occasionally. If not, the battery will run out and you will have to jump when you need to use it. Keep in mind not to drive it if you do start it up. A different approach would be to unplug the negative cable in place of starting it.
  • Release the parking brake: If you apply the brake for an extended period of time, the brake may fuse with the rotors. Instead, think about using a tire chock.
  • Verify the correct air pressure in your tires: In colder weather, tires can lose air pressure, so if you think you might need to drive it again before the weather warms up, make sure the tires are up to date before you depart.
  • Keep pests out of your car: During the winter, mice and other rodents may seek out your car in search of a warm, dry place to make their nest. Think about taking precautions to keep invasive pests out of your car while you are away.

Frequently requested inquiries

Does storing a car require insurance?

Extra Space StorageLife Storage Storage Sheds
Extra Space Storage Life Storage Storage Sheds


Unless you reside in one of the few states where insurance is not required, you need auto insurance if your car is registered. Your insurer may notify the state that your liability coverage and any other necessary coverage have been suspended when you place a vehicle in storage status.

What are the advantages of storing your car?

Storing your car in storage not only results in insurance cost savings, but maintaining Should something happen to your car while it is being stored, comprehensive coverage on your policy might be able to help with the cost of repairs.

What happens if I take my car out of storage and drive it?

Driving your car while it’s in storage, whether you or someone else does, is dangerous. The insurance provider might not pay for your claim if you damage your car or get into an accident while it is covered by vehicle storage insurance.


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