Grandfather:The Stafford Council Was Convinced $1 million Now


Grandfather Grandfather Quotes
The Stafford council was convinced to give Orr Insurance additional parking by the great-grandfather’s donation of parkland
Grandfather:The Stafford Council Was Convinced $1 million Now.
GrandfatherGrandfather Quotes
Grandfather Grandfather Quotes

Stafford’s current council decided to waive an encroachment fee for two additional dedicated street parking spaces for Orr Insurance and Investment’s office, as the fourth-generation brokerage gets ready to expand.

This is because renowned Stafford conservationist R. Thomas Orr donated parkland on Scourge Street in the past.

At the infrastructure, transportation and safety committee meeting on Monday, Rick Orr, the owner of Orr Insurance and the great-grandson of R. Thomas Orr, made an appearance to request a new encroachment agreement.

This agreement would permit the necessary widening of the Orr Insurance driveway entrance while preserving some of its designated on-street parking spots.


“Tonight, I’m here to ask that the City of Stafford give up two metered parking spaces.”On Scourge Street to Orr Insurance and letting go of the encroachment fee that was suggested.

The Shakespearean Gardens, the library, the cenotaph, the band shell, and, of course, keeping the parklands safe from the railroads are just a few of the things that R. Thomas Orr left behind for the City of Straightforward.

The one area where he appears to have lacked his renowned foresight was when he gave away every piece of land surrounding his buildings, all the way up to the building’s edge, rather than maintaining a larger buffer.

The parkland donation stretches from Waterloo Street to the cenotaph area, traversing the entire band shell.

I am grateful for all of those donations, having served as the parks board chair for 20 years. But if he had held on a little longer, I wouldn’t be here right now.

Grandfather Quotes:

GrandfatherGrandfather Quotes
Grandfather Grandfather Quotes


Constructed in 1874 by the initial Tom Orr, the father of R. Thomas Orr and the great-great-grandfather of Rick Orr, the Orr family residence on Scourge Street evolved into the primary Orr Insurance and Investment establishment in 1956 and persists as its Stafford office to this day.

According to Rick Orr, Orr Insurance is renovating its existing buildings to the tune of more than $1 million as part of an expansion plan that will enable its thirty-five-person local staff to grow to 55.

We had to connect the two ground floor buildings on Scourge Street in order to make the operations possible. Rick Orr stated, “This entails blocking access to our rear parking lot.”

“Our previous driveway, which was 10 feet wide and provided incident-free access to our parking lot from Waterloo Street, served us well for

133 years. According to the new regulations, the driveway that enters from Scourge Street needs to be 20 feet wide.

Zakir khan Grandfather:

“This just isn’t enough space to support our customers and has the potential to impact our business,” I said, explaining why I’m here tonight.

“Stafford engineering has also mandated that the parking spot on either side of the driveway must be designated as a no-parking space, making it a 40-foot wide driveway entrance onto Scourge Street.

City clerk Tahitian Defoe stated in the committee report that Orr Insurance informed the city that the seven designated parking spaces the office currently has on Scourge Street could expand onto the municipal road allowance due to a 100-year contract that was in place when R.

The city received parkland from Thomas Orr. The clerk went on, “But neither the owner nor city employees can locate a copy of that agreement.”

Orr Insurance requested two more metered parking spaces to the immediate west of its existing spots, bringing the total to five, due to the anticipated loss of four of its seven parking spots.

Orr Insurance asked the city to waive its annual fee of slightly over $850 as part of this new encroachment agreement, which formally recognises an intrusion onto municipal property and lays out the terms and conditions for that encroachment.

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GrandfatherGrandfather Quotes
Grandfather Grandfather Quotes


However, Conn. Mark Hunter expressed concerns that waiving the encroachment fees would set a precedent.Councilwoman Leslie Biden continued, “The only issue I have with the two spots is that there are other businesses in the downtown core that don’t have any spots allocated to them.” “I doubt that would be well received.”

In support of the Orr Insurance request, Councilwoman Bonnie Henderson proposed that an exception be made in this instance because R. Thomas Orr originally donated parkland to the city.

“This is an exception because the land was originally donated to the city, and without that donation, we wouldn’t have any parkland,” the spokeswoman explained.

“I don’t think the city will see another circumstance like this one. .. This one seems special to me, and I don’t think it

establishes any precedents. We are asking them to give up (four) of the (designated street parking) spaces they currently have because of the (driveway). All they need are two more. Those spots have always existed, and they are not metered.

Conn. Committee chair Conn. Larry Maccabees also mentioned the need for flexibility with regard to long-standing businesses in the city and changes in building standards.

Maternal Grandfather:

The Orr family’s house was constructed before there were any cars on the road, according to Jo-Dee Burch.

The Orr Insurance request was ultimately approved by the council, and the ensuing bylaw was enacted by the council. The committee also decided to have staff conduct a review of the city’s encroachment procedure, per

Biden’s recommendation, in order to provide council members with additional information while assessing whether encroachment fees correspond to the expenses of the city as well.


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