Hanging Leg Raises :W.W. Smith Insurance’s Delightful $9,490


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W.W. Smith Insurance’s delightful custom raises thousands of dollars to feed the local community

Hanging Leg Raises :W.W. Smith Insurance’s Delightful $9,490

Hanging Leg RaisesFront Raises Walmart Raises Minimum Wage
Hanging Leg Raises Front Raises Walmart Raises Minimum Wage


A special three-decade-old custom of making handcrafted, nutty desserts has developed into a profitable yearly fundraising event for a nearby company.

W.W. Smith Insurance recently held their second nut ring fundraiser, raising an astounding $9,490 for the Salvation Army—a substantial increase over their first event.

The company’s motivation, according to managing partner Chad Parenteau, is a love for the neighborhood organization.

“On our 110th anniversary, the fundraiser got underway last year,” he stated. “We were looking to give back to the community, and we wanted to collaborate with the Salvation Army.”

The Wednesday night community meal is provided free of charge thanks to the proceeds.

The dinners’ weekly coordinator, Arlene McKenzie, stated

Front Raises

Hanging Leg RaisesFront Raises Walmart Raises Minimum Wage
Hanging Leg Raises Front Raises Walmart Raises Minimum Wage


The money enables them to keep giving city dwellers free homemade meals and opportunities for interpersonal interaction.

She remarked, “It’s a full course meal with salads and sides that our guests are often unable to provide themselves.” The thing that strikes me most about a Wednesday night meal is the sense of community that permeates the entire experience from the moment we open the doors at 5 p.m. until dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. It makes me feel full.”

For the golden nut ring, ten companies each contributed $250, matching the amount donated by W.W. Smith and 32 additional individuals.

Since the Salvation Army pays for each community meal, the funds will pay for 19 free hot dinners for those in Swift Current who need them.  Army $500.0

“I would like to thank Chad and W.W. Smith for their efforts,” McKenzie continued. “Everyone on the team participated. It was a really, really good promotion, and we are very appreciative, just knowing that they were here, making them


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