Mjr Westland: New Join In Founded For1953 Alberta


Mjr Westland Westland Mall Mjr Westland Grand Cinema 16

Two purchases are made by Westland Insurance in Alberta.

Mjr Westland: New Join In Founded For1953 Alberta

Mjr WestlandWestland Mall
Mjr Westland Westland Mall


With effect from January 1, Dyberg Insurance and Prairie Villa Insurance have been acquired by Westland Insurance.

Originally founded in northern Alberta in 1973, Prairie Villa Insurance currently has three offices spread out throughout the Peace Country.

Based in Edmonton, Dyberg Insurance is a family-run brokerage that was founded in 1953. The current Edmonton operations of Westland will be integrated with Dyberg Insurance.

Jamie Lyons, president and CEO of Westland, expressed his happiness at having Prairie Villa Insurance and Dyberg Insurance join the company.


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