Super Fast Chart : DeSantis Trailed Trump By 5%Billboards


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Super Fast Chart : DeSantis Trailed Trump By 5%Billboards

A Trump-aligned super PAC targets Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with some scathing billboards in Tallahassee.

Create Trumplandia in Tallahassee?

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Super Fast Chart Super Splendor Super Cup

Make America Great Again Inc., allied with Donald Trump, paraded into the state capital on Thursday, buying advertising space all over the city to mock Gov. Ron DeSantis’s record as governor and presidential contender.

The super PAC purchased billboards along the one-mile route between the state capital and governor’s mansion, as well as two others along the route from the airport to the capital, in a blatant demonstration of confidence in their candidate’s 30-point lead in the Iowa presidential caucuses on January 15.

DeSantis trailed Trump by 5% among primary voters in March 2023, but the most recent Iowa polls show him vying with former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley for second place.
This is the course of events.

when you become an average performer instead of the great rescuer. Regarding DeSantis’ failure to wrest the GOP nomination from the outgoing president, Charles Zelden, a political scientist at Nova Southeastern University, said, “It also shows the Trump philosophy that when your opponent is down, kick him.”

Is property insurance included in the legislative agenda

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Super Fast Chart Super Splendor Super Cup


Together with other bills addressing insurance costs, legislators will take up DeSantis’ proposed budget, which lowers insurance taxes.

The Insurance Information Institute reports that during the previous five years, Florida premiums have increased by 300%. In the US, home insurance costs $1,700 on average; Florida residents pay more than $4,200.

Ryan Ray, the chair of the Leon County Democratic Party, expressed his amusement at the billboards but added that they also draw attention to a common complaint.

“People are tired of state government being used for presidential theater instead of addressing the issues taxpayers and residents are facing,” said one opposition member.

In Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, the first three contests of the primary season, Trump maintains a lead of more than ten points. Jan.

23 is the primary in New Hampshire, and according to polls, DeSantis is polling fourth with 6%, behind Trump, Haley, and former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. DeSantis and Haley are currently separated by 23 points.

Haley has set three fundraisers in Florida for January 31st, which is another boost to the DeSantis campaign, according to Puck News.

Meanwhile, the Tallahassee billboards will remain in place until the end of January.


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