Ask A Manager: A new general manager is appointed by MLC Life Insurance


A new general manager is appointed by MLC Life Insurance

Melbourne – Ian Fletcher has been appointed by MLC Life Insurance as the new general manager of remediation programmes with the goal of improving the calibre and experience of customer service.

Leading the $32 million Accelerate initiative, which aims to dramatically improve the customer experience, is Fletcher, who has a distinguished history in customer service remediation.

Ask A Manager:

Following a successful tenure at Commonwealth Bank, where he oversaw a $1 billion customer remediation initiative, Fletcher was appointed. He will be directly responsible to MLC Life’s Chief Operating Officer, Jane Murray.

Fletcher is anticipated to raise service standards even further in collaboration with Murray and Craig Danton, who has been overseeing adviser and customer operations since May.

Customer interactions at MLC Life have already improved thanks to the leadership of Murray and Danton.

Flextime Manager:

The organisation has stated that call handling times have decreased by more than 10%, indicating a dedication to improving advisory-client relationships.

This enhancement is a component of MLC Life’s larger initiative to use cutting-edge technology to the advantage of trustees, members, and superannuation funds.

Nexus Mod Manager:

Fletcher’s new position at MLC Life benefits from a plethora of experience. His experience includes senior positions at AXA with a focus on mergers and acquisitions and managing large remediation projects at AMP (OTC:AMLTF) after the Royal Commission.

He has also improved the overall customer experience at other illustrious companies, such as Telecaster (OTC:TLGPY).

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